We hope this guide will help you with understanding the schedule of costs for your treatment.

Prices here are for the consultancy services: if you are interested in the cost of IVF please see the Boston Place pricelist.

Please note that this is a guide and prices can vary slightly. At any time, if you have any questions about the fees, please contact us on +44 (0) 20 7034 1300.

Please note: any appointment cancelled by a patient within 48 working hours may incur a 50% cancellation charge if the session is not re-booked to another patient.

Mr Geoffrey Trew: Consultation (Initial/Review)


Mr Gedis Grudzinskas: Initial Consultation


Mr Gedis Grudzinskas: Review Consultation


Mr Chun Ng: Initial Consultation


Mr Chun Ng: Review Consultation


Mr William Dennes: Consultation (Initial/Review)


Miss Bryony Jones: Consultation (Initial/Review)


Mr Paul Carter: Initial Consultation


Mr Paul Carter: Review Consultation


Mr Panay and Associates for Hormone Health – Initial Consultation (45 mins)


Mr Panay and Associates for Hormone Health – Review Consultation (30 mins)


Nigel Denby, Hormone Health Dietician: Initial Consultation


Nigel Denby, Hormone Health Dietician: Review Consultation


Consultation fees vary according to the Consultant.

Please note that telephone consultations are the same price, and that a consultation’s price does not include any additional treatments.

If you have any questions relating to treatment charges, please speak to a member of clinic staff. Patients who have medical insurance should contact their insurance company prior to arranging an appointment as some insurers do not cover all healthcare services.

Ultrasound Scan


Gynaecology / Investigation Scan


Follicle Monitoring


Early Pregnancy Scan


Nuchal Translucency Scan


Anomaly Scan


Growth Scan


Abdominal Scan


Renal Scan


Testes Scan


Thyroid Scan


Harmony Test (Non-invasive prenatal testing) including scan and blood test


DEXA Bone Density Scan


Anti-Mullerian Hormone




B12 and red cell folate




BHCG (Quantitative)




Chlamydia (Urine) - TDL


Chlamydia/Gonorrhoea (Urine) - TDL










Follicle Stimulating Hormone


Fragile X (Karx)




Full Blood Count - TDL




Gonorrhoea (Urine) - TDL


Haemoglobin - TDL




Hep B


Hep C - Core Antigens




Inhibin B (Day 3 Cycle)










Lutenising Hormone




Malarial Parasites - TDL


Male Infertility Profile 1 - TDL








Prolactin - TDL


Protein C - TDL


Recurrent Miscarriage Profile


Red Cell Folate


Rubella Antibody (IgG) - TDL


SDPD (Crosslaps CTX)


Sex Binding Hormone




Sickle Cells - TDL


Syphilis IgG/IgM - TDL








Thalassaemia Screen




Thrombotic Risk Profile


Thyroid Profile 1


Thyroid Profile 2


Thyroid Profile 3




Toxoplamsa Antibodies (IgG and IgM)




Vitamin B12


Vitamin B6


Vitamin D


Zika Virus Abs




One off charge Phlebotomy fee: £31

Initial Consultation


Review Consultation (No procedure)


Review Consultation (Procedure Included)


Hormone Implantation including Consultation, implant and nursing support


Coil Insertion including consultation and coil


Pap-Test or Smear Test Including Consultation and Pap Test


We have package prices for blood tests: please enquire at your appointment.

Professional fees are based on a package of care. Please enquire directly for costs.

The following items indicate what you can expect to pay depending on your gestation at booking. Following your initial antenatal appointment, if you wish to be booked with either Mr Dennes or Miss Jones for delivery (obstetric package), we will request a deposit to be paid by 20 weeks (or immediately on booking, if you have booked your package after this date). The remainder of the fee will be invoiced to you shortly after delivery.

Please note: we do not deal with insurances companies directly for the antenatal package, invoices should be settled direct with us.


Private medical insurance companies do not generally cover fertility related treatments. Unless specific approval has been obtained from the insurance company in advance, patients will be required to make payments directly at the time of the appointment or treatment and, if appropriate, claim the cost retrospectively from the medical insurance company.

Treatment invoiced to a private medical insurance company will remain the responsibility of the patient until payment is received in full. Should the insurance company not pay all or part of the invoice, settlement will be required directly from the patient within 7 days of being notified of the outstanding amount. This will also be the case if the insurance company pays a claim and subsequently reclaims this. In the event of a dispute between a patient and an insurance company, any debt must be settled immediately by the patient and reclaimed from the insurance company retrospectively if appropriate.

Payment for all treatments should be made on the day of the appointment or in advance if requested (e.g. for packages such as IVF). If an invoice is sent to a patient, payment will be required to be made within 7 days of the date of the invoice.

In the event of payment not being received, following a reminder, a debt collection company will be instructed to commence proceedings to recover the debt. Should this be necessary, debt collection, legal and administration fees and statutory interest will be added to the debt.

92 Harley Street is the trading name of IVF Hammersmith Limited.


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