We know from experience that many couples spend up to two years trying to find out the cause of their infertility, years that are precious in terms of fertility.

The first of its kind in the South East, our Rapid Fertility Assessment speeds up the lengthy process of tests and evaluations by providing a fertility assessment in just a couple of hours.

What is the Rapid Fertility Assessment?

The Rapid Fertility Assessment is a comprehensive and quick service that allows you to be seen in a single outpatient visit lasting just 2 hours. It enables us to diagnose the cause of infertility, offer specialist advice and to recommend possible treatments without further delay.

What happens at the appointment?

For just £475 you and your partner will undergo a series of tests, including ultrasound, tubal patency assessment (HyCoSy) and sperm analysis. Additional tests, such as AMH, an ovarian reserve test, can be arranged at a specific time before the visit, in order to have the results available for discussion with the consultant. By the end of the appointment, the consultant will be in a position to advise the most effective fertility treatment for you, as well as providing you with dietary and lifestyle advice to boost your chances of conceiving.

We have helped thousands of couples discover the joys of parenthood since 1979 and each member of our female-led team of fertility experts is driven by one single aim: to help you conceive.


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