Donor eggs/sperm

Donor eggs/sperm

We offer treatment when either egg or sperm donation are required although we do not hold lists of donors for these treatments. All potential recipients (people receiving either sperm or eggs) and donors (people giving sperm or eggs) will have the opportunity to see our counsellor to discuss implications of using donor gametes. 

Donor eggs

We would recommend that egg donors are 35 years or under and ideally have had a child of their own. Unfortunately we do not hold a list of egg donors but are able to assess potential egg donors known to yourself for treatment.
However we understand that very often finding a suitable donor is difficult. For many years we have established formal relationships with the most reputable overseas centres. We have co-management arrangements which take the risk from overseas care as well as increasing convenience and decreasing cost.

Donor sperm

Donor sperm may be purchased from reputable web-sites recommended by our clinic. These samples will already have been tested for infectious diseases and quarantined for a period of six months. We also provide treatment where the sperm donor is known to yourselves and will advise you regarding the screening, quarantine and use of sperm samples.