Miss B Jones Obstetric charges

Miss Bryony Jones Obstetric charges

Professional fees are based on a package of care. The following items indicate what you can expect to pay depending on your gestation at booking. Following your initial antenatal appointment, if you wish to be booked with Miss Bryony Jones for delivery (obstetric package), we will request a deposit of £ 4,000 to be paid by 20 weeks (or immediately on booking, if you have booked your package after this date). The remainder of the fee will be invoiced to you shortly after delivery. We do not deal with insurances companies directly for the antenatal package, invoices should be settled direct with us.

The package includes:
• Initial appointment (Refunded when the patient join the package)
• Antenatal care / visits
• Delivery Fee (any mode of delivery)
• Postnatal care on ward/postnatal visits

This package excludes:
• Antenatal Blood Tests and Pathology
• Ultrasound scans
• Hospital Fees (any antenatal admissions or delivery)
• Anaesthetist Fees

Consultant Package:

  • Price range for standard care starts at £8,000
  • Bespoke Package discussed on request.

Consultant Outpatient appointments

Individual Antenatal appointments: £ 200

Any appointment cancelled by a patient within 48 hours may incur a 50% cancellation charge if the session is not re-booked to another patient.
Patients from abroad who plan to return home for delivery, but who would like to be seen antenatally will be charged individually, subject to a minimum fee of £ 1,500. Generally the minimum fee would apply for care to 28 weeks in the absence of delivery.
Miss Jones shares on-call arrangements with consultant colleagues at Queen’s Charlotte Hospital at weekends. Any prolonged absence due to annual leave will be notified to patients at booking.

For more information about our services or fees, including ultrasound scans please call 020 7034 1300 or e-mail enquiries@92harleystreet.com