DEXA Bone Density Scanning

Osteoporosis is a condition of thinning and weakness of the bones resulting in fractures in later life particularly of the hip, the spine and the wrist. It is a major health hazard that results in an osteoporotic fracture in 1 in 3 women  It is associated  with the oestrogen deficiency that follows the menopause. 

A healthy lifestyle, exercise and a good diet are of importance in all things and certainly influence the incidence of osteoporosis.  However there is no doubt that the best way for a woman to avoid osteoporosis is not to become hormone deficient. Therefore oestrogens (HRT) would be the treatment of choice particularly in women under the age of sixty. Firstly low bone density must be diagnosed by bone density screening.  At 92 Harley Street we have recently installed a cutting edge DEXA scanner which when operated by our highly experienced radiographer enables accurate measurement of the bone density of the lumbar spine and hip.

Screening is recommended for high-risk patients such as menopausal women particularly those with an early menopause or following early hysterectomy and removal of ovaries.  It is also indicated in those who have lost their periods with an eating disorder, in those on steroid therapy, those who smoke and those who have had previous low impact fractures. 

Patients can make their own booking and they will of course not be charged a consultation fee. Please call 020 7034 1300 to make an appointment